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"I have no words to thank you!! 
Hashem should bless you 1000 times over for this incredible camp! 
The Rebba and Chassidishkeit just flowed! It was positive, natural and just came over as so real! Davening and learning was done in such a positive, happy, way! You created a positive healthy happy environment! 
Your energy was electric and it became part of each one of them. 
I am sure there were hard challenging moments yet you dealt with empathy and care! 
Thank you Thank you and Thank you!"

"We appreciate so much the personal connection that you made with our daughter. Each time we spoke to her on the phone she would tell us how you cared so much about her. She felt like she was the only one in camp. I’m sure you did this for each and everyone of the children, which is the most incredible unbelievable feeling a child can have.  She felt you appreciated her personality and her chayos! She was able to express herself and be herself!  A child to feel that safety understanding and care is a gift that not many people have. With all my heart I just want to say thank you!"

"Dear Srula,
I want to thank you for giving our daughter the summer of a lifetime.  If she had a great time, dayeinu.  If she made friends, dayeinu.  If she had a positive spiritual experience, dayeinu.  If she was able to be herself and shine, dayeinu.  Srula, all of the above describe Chaya’s experience.  I don’t know if I ever dreamed that she would have such an amazing summer.   We are truly indebted to you. Thank you so much!  💓"

"Thank you to Srula and co for a remarkable experience, this camp gave our daughter that life changing experience a parent really hopes for, an instilled sense of authentic yiddishkeit, self growth,friendships and fun. "

"This message is long over due!
I have so many praises to write and share! 
Our daughter keeps mentioning more and more tidbits of what made her summer experience so special.
She says how you included everyone. Not just the cool ones, or the popular ones, or the ones with the prettiest clothes, or the prettiest girls....She said you always made each girl feel pretty, understood, liked, thought of, included, and special in their own way.
That right there, is what every parent hopes their child will feel wherever they go. 
You actually made that happen. 
We are forever grateful 🙏"

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