The girls will enjoy home-cooked meals. Breakfast will be DIY, with a variety of options for the girls to make. Lunch and dinner will be nutritious along with a wide array of options, with family style dining. Snacks, fruits and veggies will be available to the girls throughout the day. At this point, we are not a peanut-free camp.




The girls will be on trips 3-5 times a week. Many trips will be outdoors. We plan to take advantage of our surroundings, which means that many trips will be focused on hiking, adventure and outdoor activities.




Girls will be getting a very specific packing list. Every camper will need to pack in a carry-on size bag. Please be aware, due to the nature of our camp and our grounds, the carry on  and a personal backpack, is all we can accommodate. Our grounds in provide linen, blankets and pillows, so you will not need to worry about sending.


Our camp is a technology-free zone for campers. Phones, ipods or smart watches need to be handed in at the beginning of camp. Campers will receive their phones on Fridays for 30 minutes to communicate before Shabbos. If a camper does not have a phone, a staff member's phone will be provided. 

Digital cameras are allowed. Please do not send a phone or ipod wth the intention of taking pictures. 



Girls will receive 5 camp t-shirts for their time in camp. Girls will be doing their own laundry once a week. (Staff will be there to assist as needed) Detergent will be provided. If your daughter needs a specific kind of detergent, we will ask you to provide that. 


We will be traveling to different homes and tents on our journey.

The homes each have different ameneties.  We will stay in some locations for a day or 2 and some for around a week, as a hub. 

Please be aware, some nights we will be sleeping in tents or cabins with sleeping bags. 


The weather in Utah and Wyoming averages between 90-108 degrees during the summer months. We will provide ample amounts of water for the girls. (A camel back will be on the packing list.) We will have bottles of sunscreen for the girls to continuously re-apply. Discretion will be used in determining if the weather is too hot for a particular trip. Many trips will include water activities or done in early morning hours to beat the heat.  


All parents will need to sign a Covid waiver. The current situation is a fluid one. At the moment, there are no hinderances to hosting the camp.

If the situation remains as it is now, we will ask all campers to provide only what they would need  in order to fly. We will follow the state guidelines, if need be.